Who Are We

Who Are We

My name is Courtney, I am the owner of Belamour Boutique Co. My family and I are from Milford, Iowa. Brody and I are both born and raised locally. We now have 2 wonderful sons, Connor and Calvin!

It has always been my dream and goal to open my own boutique, that offers affordable trendy clothing in all sizes. Its also my goal to make my boutique a comfortable place for people to visit, where you feel valued and beautiful exactly the way you are!

Throughout life, I often felt uncomfortable going shopping, I was insecure that I was being judged. It was also uncomfortable because a lot of stores are very expensive, and I find shopping more fun when I can find good deals!

So, knowing this has been my dream since high school, I wanted to be sure to open a boutique that is uplifting to visit, where people can feel completely comfortable as they are, have fun shopping, and offer clothing at reasonable prices.

Belamour means "someone who is loved/a beloved person"... This played a part in my motto for the boutique, "You are loved. You are enough. Just as you are."

We are delighted to now have our storefront in downtown Milford! 

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